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Challenging Maze Puzzles!

Jimmy the Taxi Driver has to make his customers happy! That’s why he needs you! Beat the rush hour! Help this friendly monkey find the best way through traffic. Everything seems easy in the beginning, but as you progress, the crazy mazes of traffic jams become more difficult to solve. At first, all you need is a quick finger to drive the taxi through the streets to its destination. But new challenges are added during every new ride!

90+ exciting level

Friends Play against your friends

Tuning Improve your results

Increasing challenges!

Traffic jam, rush hour or free travel: every level is a new puzzle. Using your finger, drive the path that you want the taxi to take through traffic. Collect bonus items, get the best passenger ratings.

Features of Crazy Maze

✓ intuitive touch controls (but still exciting for adults)
✓ 11 worlds, 99 clever puzzles
✓ taxi driving fun; beat traffic, find your way!
✓ slowly increasing difficulty level
✓ regular updates


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